Presentations and videos of the NECTAR workshop, March 22/23 2019

The presentations and videos from the NECTAR workshop on “Transport Infrastructures: Investments, Evaluation and Regional Economic Growth” (22/23 March 2019) are now available.

The workshop was hosted by TRElab in the Department of Political Sciences of the University Roma Tre on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2019. Further information on the workshop can be retrieved at the following link.

SpeakerPresentation (pdf)Video
Mattia Borsati (University of Trento)On the modal shift from motorway to high-speed rail: evidence from Italy
Federico Cavallaro (University IUAV of Venice)Loading stations along main transalpine axes: an opportunity for transalpine rail transport?Video not available
Karst Geurs (University of Twente)Transport infrastructure investments, job accessibility, equity and regional growth
Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera (University of Salerno)Italian seaport efficiency: a merger analysis (presentation not available)
Manuel Ojeda Cabral (University of Leeds)Revisiting and enhancing Hedonic Pricing modelling of property values for policy
purposes (presentation not available)
Leonardo Piccini (IRPET)Transport and land use in a metropolitan context: the case of the florentine area
Diana Ramirez-Rios (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)Allocation of Freight Externalities Among Agents in the Supply Chain
Dalila Ribaudo (University of Urbino)Get there and around. The role of transportation infrastructures in MNEs’ location choices at the city-level
Piotr Rosik (IGIPZ)Potential accessibility and multimodal approach to evaluation and monitoring of road, railway, air and water inland development in Poland
Ada Spiru (University of Bari)A multilevel analysis of firm performances in emerging economies: the role of transport infrastructures and logistics Video not available
Elisabetta Venezia (University of Bari)Evaluation of the economic effects of transport infrastructures as an element of special economic zones

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