LLL – Introducing the second project: “Stalli tecnologici”

The second project of the LLL of Rome concerns the promotion of technological loading areas. This is part of the plan for the development of areas of loading and unloading bays foreseen by the SUMP. The goal is the rationalization of distribution and the reorganization of loading/unloading areas to answer to the lack of adequate spaces for commercial vehicles.

THe implementation of technological systems to handle and control loading/unloading areas will ensure their availability for commercial operations. This will optimise delivery times.

The stakeholders involved for this second project are Unidata S.p.A., 5 EMME Informatica, Sourcesense S.r.l., Comedata S.r.l, CLS and FIT Consulting. More news on the development of the project on TRElab’s website.

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