TRElab’s Special Issue “ Transport infrastructures: Investments, evaluation and regional economic growth” released

In september 2021, a new TRElab’s Special Issue “ Transport infrastructures: Investments, evaluation and regional economic growth ” was released in Research in Transportation Economics.

Edited by TRElab member Ila Maltese together with Cosimo Magazzino (Roma Tre University), the Special Issue follows a NECTAR Cluster 2 & 1 workshop of the same name held in March 2019, 22nd and 23rd at the Department of Political Science of Roma Tre University. 

It includes 19 papers coming from the 5 continents and providing interesting perspectives on the link among investments, evaluation and regional economic growth, when dealing with transport infrastructures.

TRElab contributed with the editorial and one article co-authored by TRElab Director Edoardo Marcucci, investigating the relation between the early diffusion of railways in the period 1861–1913 and the industrial growth at a regional scale in Italy, namely:

Ciccarelli, C., Magazzino, C., Marcucci, E. (2020). Early development of Italian railways and industrial growth: A regional analysis. Research in Transportation Economics, 100916.

For more information and the full list of articles, visit Research in Transportation Economics Volume 88.

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