TRElab and QMS International collaboration on Traceability

On April 17th, 2024, TRElab warmly received esteemed guests from QMS International for an enriching dialogue on traceability solutions. Led by Directors Marcucci and Gatta, along with Mr. Erriu’s input, the meeting aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration.



TRElab presented to QMS International its diverse range of projects, including collaborations with EU, Italian, and local partners. QMS International, in turn, shared with TRElab insights into their trials with Sorrento and Japanese companies, highlighting potential areas for joint efforts. The goal both parties pursue is similar and the meeting delved into the possibility of developing value-added and more impactful pilot projects through collaborative efforts with international visibility.



Implementing robust traceability measures, crucial across various scenarios, via user-friendly applications like the QMS-TRACE, holds the promise of enhancing interoperability among different systems, applications, and companies, thereby fostering greater societal value and sustainability.

Recognizing the pivotal role of stakeholder engagement, consensus was reached on adopting an iterative approach that charts a comprehensive course from point A to Z, ensuring the deliberate inclusion of all relevant parties and intermediaries.

Stay tuned for future collaboration between TRElab and QMS International!

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