L-3D – a new dimension of participation

Project funded by the European Union


L-3D – a new dimension of participation




Roma Tre University


The Deliverables produced so far are available (in Italian) on www.trelab.it/l3d/deliverables.


The project L-3D – a new dimension of participation intends to promote a new approach in the sustainable mobility sector.

The project, among the winners of the Lazio Region call for “Research Groups 2020”, aims to increase the involvement of stakeholders in the decision-making processes of public policies for urban logistics, thanks to the use of new technologies and innovative communication techniques.

Technological innovation for collecting stakeholder preferences

The research group is developing an original software (provisionally called “Software SP”) which uses short targeted questionnaires that can be administered online to acquire stakeholder preferences regarding new measures and proposed solutions. The software allows the creation of questionnaires by entering parameters such as alternatives, attributes and levels, which characterize the different configurations of the proposed measures and enable to acquire the preferences of the stakeholders consulted.

Through the integration of the codes in R, a programming language for statistical data analysis, at the end of the consultation process the software is able to store the answers, aggregate the data, process the satisfaction rankings in real time (shared, by type of stakeholder and by supply chain), and instantly represent the results, which will be provided and presented to the public through a user-friendly graphic optimization.

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The field of application of the project: urban logistics

As part of the L-3D project, the software is mainly used to support the participatory process for planning urban logistics in Rome, managed by the Logistics Living Lab (LLL) of Rome, of which TRElab is scientific coordinator.

In order to apply the methodology to a concrete case, TRElab has entered into an agreement with the Metropolitan City of Rome, to coordinate through the LLL the participatory process of the Sustainable Freight and Logistics Plan (SFLP), part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the Metropolitan City, currently under preparation. This will allow to evaluate, through the L-3D methodology, the acceptability of the new policy packages (“policy mix”) to be included in the SFLP.

The meeting “SFLP. The voice to the actors of logistics” was held on 12 July. Attending stakeholders carried out the exercise of identifying strategic priorities using the original software developed as part of the L-3D project. More information and results available at this link.

Assessment of the socio-economic-environmental impacts of policy mixes

Once the logistics stakeholders have selected the most acceptable policy mixes as part of the participatory process in support of the SFLP, the research group will carry out the assessment of socio-economic-environmental impacts.

In the first phase of the project, the research group defined a preliminary list of the set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to be used for the assessment of the impacts. The integrated evaluation system will be aimed at the conclusion of the participation process, which will select the priority measures for the stakeholders and therefore those that will be the subject of interactive 3D film animation.

Innovative communication techniques: storytelling and audio-visual content

The project uses and adapts communication techniques already existing in other sectors and which are used in an innovative way in the context of sustainable mobility. Specifically, digital storytelling is used to make the questionnaires to be administered to stakeholders more appealing and understandable and thus avoid the so-called survey fatigue.

Once the scenarios deemed most acceptable by most stakeholders have been defined, these will be reproduced in film format, with the creation of a web platform that will include audio-visual products in 3D that will reproduce in a realistic way the new measures and the impact they will have on the urban transport system. After viewing the scenarios, the participants will be asked to review or confirm the positions expressed through the questionnaires.


24 months – Start date: 01/04/2021 End date: 31/03/2023


€ 149,621.00


€ 149,621.00

Project financed by the European Union with POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020 funds as part of the Public Notice of the Lazio Region “Research Group projects 2020 “. Lazio Innova S.p.A. – Resolution no. G08487 of 19 July 2021

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