TRElab Seminar: “End-to-End supply chain” (04/12/2019)

Seminar: “Freight and Service Activity Generation Models in Urban Areas”

Speaker: Amedeo Nanni (MSD Italia)

The management of the distribution chain with the E2E, or end-to-end methodology, refers to the set of processes, people and knowledge that guarantee greater cooperation between all the various actors that make up the distribution chain.
More specifically, it goes from the supply of raw materials to the widespread distribution in the reference market.

This objective is achieved through the use of the most innovative data sharing technologies.

Subsequently, attention will be paid to the last step in the distribution chain, called “Secondary Distribution”. We will therefore analyze some models currently in use in the largest companies in the Pharma sector.Finally, a brief overview of the future of the Supply Chain will be presented, focusing on what may be the possible career opportunities that new technologies are creating.

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