TRElab Seminar: “Prospects for electric scooters uptake in Italy” (22/10/2019)

On October 22 Researcher Mariangela Scorrano will be the guest for a TRElab Seminar in the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Roma Tre. The full title of the intervention is “What are the prospects for electric scooters’ uptake in Italy? Evidence from a stated preference survey”.

The aim of the paper is to evaluate the market prospects for electric scooters in Italy based on a stated preference survey. Scooters are a convenient and spreading choice for point-to-point travels in many cities. However, they are very noisy and above all polluting. The use of more environmental friendly fuels and alternative propulsion systems seem to be a key strategy for developing a sustainable transport system. Electric scooters, can access restricted traffic areas and enjoy interesting private economic advantages. Nevertheless, their market share in Italy is still very limited. The results of the models will be used to assess the impact of the introduction of the Ecobonus on the market uptake of electric scooters in Italy.

Mariangela Scorrano is researcher in applied economics at the University of Trieste. She is a PhD in “Insurance and Finance: Mathematics and Management”. She deals with electric mobility, in particular the total ownership costs and market prospects from the demand side. She teaches Microeconomics and Financial Economics.

Find the brochure of the event here.

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