TRElab at IPIC 2019

TRElab presented a new work at the 6th International Physical Internet Conference held at the Church House of Westminster, London (UK), 9th-11th July 2019.

The paper, “Integrating passenger and freight transport via public transport based crowdshipping for sustainable last-mile deliveries” (Edoardo Marcucci, Valerio Gatta, Marialisa Nigro, Michela Le Pira and Michele D. Simoni) discusses a shared mobility service that combines passenger and freight transport. Crowdshipping, in fact, implies delivering goods (freight) via the crowd (passengers). Crowdshipping means delivering goods (freight) via the crowd (passengers). Any trip people perform to fulfill individual objectives can, in principle, be transformed in a shipping freight service too by using the free load capacity passengers have when moving from A to B.

TRElab director Valerio Gatta speech at the Conference

This paper discusses both feasibility and behavioural issues with the intent of diffusing its deployment in urban areas. In particular, it focuses on a particularly environmental-friendly crowdshipping service. The service considered assumes using a city mass transit network where customers/crowdshippers pick-up/drop-off goods via automated parcel lockers located either inside the transit stations or in their surroundings.

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