E-Commerce and urban distribution of goods. Parcel locker as a last mile solution

Valerio Pacelli, a student of the TRElab, investigated the use of parcel lockers as a last mile delivery solution. The full report in Italian can be downloaded.

This study analyzes the Automated Parcel Locker. The APL is a technological locker that enables a consumer to buy an article on the Internet and than to have it delivered in an automatic delivery point. The fundamental advantages of Apl are related to cutting down emissions and congestion caused by the traditional home deliveries. This thesis aims to analyze three particular aspects of this technology: the features of the service, the spacial analysis and the availability one. The case study is focused on the cities of Rome and Milan, the two with the major network of Parcel Lockers in Italy

Full document: http://www.trelab.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/DUM-e-E-commerce-Parcel-Locker-come-Soluzione-per-lUltimo-Miglio.pdf

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