TRElab Seminar: “Freight and Service Activity Generation Models in Urban Areas”

Seminar: “Freight and Service Activity Generation Models in Urban Areas”

Speaker: Diana Ramirez-Rios (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Transportation Engineering)

To understand the magnitude of freight and service activities (FSA) in urban areas it was necessary to study the impact of economic activity in metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). One of the best ways to measure and predict the volume of cargo of different supply chains is by identifying the industry sector where the business belongs to, in accordance with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This study provides an overall picture of these sectors, which have been categorized among Freight Intensive Sectors (FIS) and Service Intensive Sectors (SIS).
By understanding the composition of number of establishments and employment in each NAICS through public data, it is possible to get a sense of FSA in the MSAs, at both FIS and SIS through establishment-level empirical models. This research is based upon the models developed by Holguín-Veras et al. (2017) to estimate Freight Generation, Freight Trip Generation and Service Trip Attraction. These models were estimated using survey data from establishments in New York City and New York State Capital Region. The results were generated for different MSAs in the United States, and results have been compared to some international cases. The main findings provide FSA metrics to quantify freight and service in urban areas.


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