CIVITAS CITYLAB – City Logistics in Living Laboratories project aims to develop knowledge and solutions that result in roll-out, upscaling and further implementation of cost-effective strategies, measures and tools for emission free city logistics in urban centres by 2030.

The core of CITYLAB is a set of living laboratories, where cities work as contexts for innovation for public and private measures contributing to increased efficiency and sustainable urban logistics. The different living labs will exchange their experiences to enable transfer of implementations between cities and freight operators.

CITYLAB has 24 partners in 7 countries: testing and implementing seven innovative solutions that are promising in terms of impact on traffic, externalities and business profitability and have a high potential for wider up-take.


The main activities of TRELAB:

  • Development of city ambitions and the execution of living lab processes in Rome, taking the lead of the Rome Living Lab so to establish and reinforce the cooperation between private and public operators following a systematic and well-functioned approach.
  • Supporting, monitoring and data collection related to the implementation in Rome, assuming the role of “facilitator”, helping the development of the implementation case throughout the process, while also playing an “operative” role, testing real-life solutions.
  • Responsible for the ex-ante behavioural analysis in relation to urban freight initiatives, through behaviour change and willingness to pay surveys.
  • Responsible for the ex-post behavioural analysis to evaluate both the introduction of the CITYLAB solutions, in terms of their impact on the stakeholders involved deriving from having experienced the innovations proposed, and the potential to transfer them to other CITYLAB cities as well as other interested cities directly involved by some CITYLAB Living Labs.

The 3-year Citylab project formally ended on 30 April 2018. For more information please visit:

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