Special Issue: Freight Behaviour Research

The importance of freight systems to modern economies and as a major source of externalities necessitates achieving a judicious balance between these important aspects. Inducing behavioural changes on the freight industry and supply chains, in general, could help jointly achieve significant reductions in the externalities produced, as well as improvements in economic productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, the lack of research on how best to influence the behaviour of the freight system and supply chains remains a formidable obstacle to the implementation of comprehensive policies to improve their overall performance. This call for papers wasintended to galvanize the attention of the research community on the important and understudied subject of Freight Behaviour Research. This Call for Papers was made in conjunction with the Urban Freight and Behaviour Change (URBE) Conference held in Rome, October 1st and 2nd 2015. This Special Issue complements a Special Issue of Transportation Research Part D on Innovative Approaches to Improve the Environmental Performance of Supply Chains and Freight Transportation Systems.

Holguin-Veras, J., Marcucci, E., Cara, W. (editors) (2017), “Freight Behaviour Research”, Transportation Research Part A

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