Special issue: Transport and Urban Economics

Special Issue: Transport and Urban Economics
Guest editors: Romeo Danielis, Andre de Palma, Edoardo Marcucci, Esko Niskanen, Hadewijch van Delft, Erik Verhoef

Danielis, R., de Palma, A., Marcucci, E., Niskanen, E., van Delft, H., Verhoef, E.- Introduction, pp. 1-2
Koh, A., Shepherd, S. – Tolling, collusion and equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints, pp. 3-22
Bliemer,M. C.J., van Amelsfort, D. H. – Rewarding instead of charging road users: a model case study investigating effects on traffic conditions, pp. 23-40
Amoroso, S.,Migliore, M., Catalano, M. Galatioto, F. – A demand-based methodology for planning the bus network of a small or medium town, pp. 41-56
Koetse, M. J., Rouwendal, J. – Rail investment and port competition: a case study for the Betuweroute, pp. 57-75
Pouyanne, G. – Urban form and daily mobility. Methodological aspects and empirical study in the case of Bordeaux, pp. 76-95

Marcucci, E., Niskanen, E., de Palma, A., Verhoef, E., Danielis, R., (2010), “Transport and Urban Economics”, (Editors) European Transport/Trasporti Europei, n° 44

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