Special issue: Pricing, Financing, and Investment in Transport

Editors.: De Palma, A., Marcucci, E., Niskanen, E., Verhoef, E.
De Palma, A., Marcucci, E., Niskanen, E., Verhoef, E. – Introduction, pp. 1-3.
Abbes, S. – Marginal social cost pricing in European seaports, pp. 4-26
Beria, P. – Transport megaprojects in Italy. A comparative analysis of economic feasibility studies into EIAs, pp. 27-46
de Palma, A. Motamedi, K. Picard, N., Waddell, P. – Accessibility and environmental quality: inequality in the Paris housing market, pp. 47-74
Doumas, E. – Diversification activities of passenger railway companies, pp. 75-91
Marcucci E., Gatta V. – Quality and public transport service contracts, pp. 92-106
Meléndez-Hidalgo, J. Rietveld, P., Verhoef, E. – On the change in surpluses equivalence: measuring benefits from transport infrastructure investments, pp. 107-140

Marcucci, E., de Palma, A., Niskanen, E., Verhoef, E., (2007), “Pricing, Financing, and Investment in Transport”, (Editors) European Transport/Trasporti Europei, Issue n° 36

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