Special issue: Deregulation and vertical separation in the railway sector

Special Issue on Theoretical issues and institutional design:

Edoardo Marcucci -The Motivations of Debate, pp.2-5

John Preston – The Transaction Cost Economics of Railway, pp. 6-15

Chris Nash, Bryan Matthews – Implementing Marginal Cost Pricing of Rail Infrastructure-Barriers and Solutions, pp. 16-24

Edoardo Marcucci -The Process of Railway De-Verticalisation in Italy : State of the Art and Possible Evolutions, pp. 25-33

Emanuela D’Alessio – Appendix: The Full Legislative Story of the Rail Transport Reform Process, pp. 34-37

Marco Ponti, Stefano Erba – Railway Liberalization from a “Public Choice” Perspective, pp. 38-46

Paolo Polidori – The Economic Regulation of Railway Infrastructure: The Role and Future of the Proposed European Railway Agency, pp. 47-53

Ennio Forte, Francesco del Vecchio – Possible Scenarios in the European Railway Industry after the Present Phase of Change, pp. 54-60

Elisabetta Venezia – Transfer Pricing: Theoretical Aspects and the Case of Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A., pp. 61-68

Fabio Nuti – Are trains more dangerous than planes? And, if so, what? Experiences and empirical evidence of vertical separation, pp. 69-75

Peter White, John Ball – Experience of National Railways Privatisation, and of Vertical Separation in Metro Systems, pp. 76-88

Kenichi Shoji, Bruce J. Killeen – The Japanese Experience with Non-verticalised Urban Private Railways: An Analysis of Strategy and Performance of the “Minor” Companies, pp. 89-95

Jonathan Cowie – The Production Economics of a Vertically Separated Railway – The Case of the British Train Operating Companies, pp. 96-103

Enrico Musso, Claudio Ferrari – Metropolitan and Urban Traffic in the De-Verticalisation Process of Italian Railways, pp. 104-116

Vittorio Torbianelli – The Impact of Vertical Separation on Regional Railways: The Case of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, pp. 117-124

Fabio Carlucci – Competition in Railways: the Case of the United Kingdom, pp. 125-128

Andrea Giuntini, Stefano Maggi – Public and Private Railway Companies in 19th and early 20th Century Italy, pp. 129-135

Marcucci, E. (2002), Guest Editor, “Deregulation and vertical separation in the railway sector”, Trasporti Europei, Special Issue, n° 20/21

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