TRElab joins the International Encyclopedia of Transportation

On May 12th, 2021 Elsevier, has launched the first edition of the International Encyclopedia of Transportation edited by Professor Roger Vickerman (University of Kent).

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, it includes almost 600 articles about all aspects of transportation, parcelled into 9 sections structured around the following themes: Transport Modes; Freight Transport and Logistics; Transport Safety and Security; Transport Economics; Traffic Management; Transport Modelling and Data Management; Transport Policy and Planning; Transport Psychology; Sustainability and Health Issues in Transportation .

Professor Marcucci, TRElab Director, edited the first section “Transport Modes” by commissioning and reviewing around 90 articles. He also wrote two entries with Valerio Gatta, TRElab Director, and Michela Le Pira,  TRElab Member.

The first one,  in Section 2 – Freight Transport and Logistics, titled “Behavioral Research in Freight Transport” is about the importance of behavior change and stakeholder engagement for ex-ante freight policy acceptability assessments,

while “The economics and planning of urban freight transport”  in Section 4 – Transport Economics, deals with appropriate planning and coordination between public and private interests to foster sustainable and efficient urban freight transport,

Another TRElab member Ila Maltese, together with Professor Zamparini (University of Salento), has also contributed with an article included in Section 1 –  Transport Modes, titled “Transport modes and tourism” addressing the relationship between transport and tourism, and focused on the different transport modes. 

Maltese, Ila, Zamparini, Luca (2021) Transport modes and tourism. In: Vickerman, Roger (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Transportation. vol. 5, pp. 26-31. UK: Elsevier

Those who are interested in reading these articles (citations below) can ask for a copy for personal use here. 

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