TRElab’s Special Issue “Sustainable City Logistics and Innovation” released!

In April, the new TRElab’s Special Issue “Sustainable City Logistics and Innovation” was released.

The Special Issue collects high-quality papers focused on different innovations in the field of city logistics, aimed at acting on the three dimensions of sustainability, fostering freight decarbonization, reliability, and safety.

Researches evaluate the potential impacts of innovations, how they will influence urban freight, and how to best take advantage of them. Contributions look at increasing industrial competitiveness in transport, promoting smart mobility and clean transport in line with the new directions of Horizon Europe’s area of intervention in climate, energy, and mobility.

In particular, papers collected in the Special Issue address existing and emerging logistics solutions such as Crowdshipping, Mobile Hub, Physical Internet (PI), Digital Twins, horizontal cooperation of Third-party logistics and land use management. Moreover, it provides a special focus on a cross-sectional theme and disruptive trend such e-grocery.

TRElab also contributed with 2 articles on E-grocery and Digital twins, namely:

Gatta, V., Marcucci, E., Maltese, I., Iannaccone, G., & Fan, J. (2021). E-Groceries: A Channel Choice Analysis in Shanghai. Sustainability13(7), 3625.

Marcucci, E., Gatta, V., Le Pira, M., Hansson, L., & Bråthen, S. (2020). Digital Twins: A Critical Discussion on Their Potential for Supporting Policy-Making and Planning in Urban Logistics. Sustainability12(24), 10623.

For more information and the full list of articles, visit Sustainability | Special Issue : Sustainable City Logistics and Innovation (

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